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5 Qualities of a Good IT Support Company

Posted February 10th, 2016

how to pick a good IT support companyWith so many IT support companies out there, it’s important that you pick the right one to meet your business’s needs. While some IT companies may have greater capabilities than others, good IT support should not come as a trade-off. Below are some qualities that every good IT support company should have.


1. Availability

A good IT support company should be available to answer your question and concerns at a moments notice. This means that 24/7 support is a must. They should also have a fast response time so that you’re not waiting on hold during a crisis.


2. Remote Support

Not every IT problem requires an on-site technician to fix. Many issues can be solved remotely, meaning you don’t need someone coming over and interrupting your regular operations. Remote support allows technicians to help you via the internet. And with screen share, they can view your screen to get a better understanding of the problem and even log into your network or computer and take over from there.


3. Familiar with the Latest Technology

A good IT support company should be familiar with the most up-to-date technologies. If not, how can they properly advise you or help you set up your own technology? Your IT support company should have the capabilities to match the needs of your network and IT infrastructure.


4. 24/7 Monitoring

Issues can arise at anytime, so it’s important to address them as soon as possible. 24/7 monitoring makes sure that nothing slips by unnoticed. Couple this with a fast response time and utilizing the latest technologies, and you have an IT company that should be able to intercept any major problems as well as prevent future ones from occurring.


5. Constant Reassessment

As technologies continue to improve and threats continue to evolve, you need to be sure that your network is protected as well as possible. This means that your technologies and procedures need to go through constant reevaluation to stay up to date. Using old protocols and software can leave you open to attack.

A good IT company will do regular reassessments to make sure you’re operating under the most secure guidelines and using the latest technologies.

Performing vulnerability tests are also a must. This way you’ll know where a security breach is likely to occur so you can take the proper measures to fill in the gaps.


Are You Getting Good IT Support?

This is what you should be asking yourself. Your business is too valuable to leave it in the hands of an incapable IT support company. If you’re in doubt about whether you’re getting everything you need from your IT support company, call PerformanceIT at 678-323-1390. We’ll make sure that all your IT needs are met.

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