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How Good Are Your Data Backups?

Posted May 11th, 2016

Data Backup ServersEvery business owner knows that having reliable backups is an essential part of running a successful and enduring business. No business is totally immune to data corruption or sudden data loss, whether it be the result of an accident or hack. Other common sources of data loss include:

  • Hard disk crashes
  • Viruses
  • Natural disasters
  • Disgruntled employees


Why Backing up Your Data is so Important

Did you know that there is a 50% chance that an organization will go out of business immediately when critical data is lost? Plus, even if you’re lucky enough to survive the immediate fallout, almost 90% of businesses will fail within the following two years. Nobody wants to go against those odds.

Data loss also greatly curbs a company’s productivity. According to the ICSA, data loss, on average, costs 19 days of productivity

While everyone likely agrees that having backups is important, not everyone knows how they should back up their data, set up an archive set, or move their data off site. So, what’s the best way to know with absolute certainty that your data is safe and retrievable?


Reliable Backups

IT professionals, like the ones at PerformanceIT, can work with you to design a custom backup solution that perfectly suits the needs of your business.

To ensure that we come up with the best solution possible, you must first review all your company’s data and determine what information is critical to your business’s day-to-day operations. Once we know this, we can develop a plan that ensures this data is regularly backed up and stored or rotated off site. We’ll determine how often backup routines should take place and test backup sets regularly.

Another benefit of having an IT company handle your business’s backup system is knowing that you’ll be utilizing the latest technologies and receive automatic updates.

So, if you’re not 100% confident in your current backup solution, or don’t have one at all, give PerformanceIT a call at 678-323-1390. You can also visit our contact page to fill out a contact form. For more information about our backup solutions, go to our Backup and Recovery page.

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