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Office 365: The Best All-In-One Business Suite Money Can Buy

Posted June 10th, 2015

For businesses to run at their best, one of the things they need is dependable software. Without good software, workflows can bottleneck, causing productivity to drop. If your business has experienced these problems, then Office 365 could be your solution.


Quick and Easy Setup

The wonderful thing about Office 365 is how easy it is to set up, so if you’re already having software troubles, they shouldn’t take long to fix. Office 365 works through a web-based Admin Console. It has a service health dashboard where you can see if your account is experiencing any service interruptions or outages. It also has customizable drop-down tools. The step-by-step deployment makes the setup process a breeze and easy to understand.


Add What You Need, Leave What You Don’t

You can add programs through the administration console under the “purchase service tab.” This leaves you with the choice of purchasing only what you need.

With your subscription, you’ll be given all the standard office suite applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and so forth. But with Office 365, you also have access to Microsoft’s cloud services, such as Skype for Business, Exchange Online (hosted email), and 1 TB of cloud storage and sharing through OneDrive.

Other Microsoft components available for online purchase include Project Pro, Project Online, Project Lite, Dynamics CRM, Social Listening, Visio Pro, and Power BI.


One Place File Storage

With Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, storing and sharing files is super simple. You can have your company files automatically sent to the cloud so they can be opened and edited by anyone who has access to the OneDrive account. This makes transferring information between employees fast and easy.

Cloud storage also means that these files can be accessed from any location at any time on any device, making tasks easier to complete and manage while on-the-go.


Always Up-to-Date

With an Office 365 subscription, you can receive Microsoft updates as soon as they come out. You’ll no longer have to download “wave-like” updates that often made drastic changes all at once. Instead, these rolling versions of the same software will update in small increments, which will keep your software current without staggering you with large, sudden changes.


One User, Five Devices

Each Office 365 user is allowed installations on up to five devices (PC or Mac) and five mobile devices. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing track of a product key or a Multiple Activation Key. This also allows employees to work across multiple devices, leaving them to work where and how they please.

iPad has recently been included in the list of compatible devices. Now you can view, edit, and print Office documents while using the touch-friendly Microsoft applications on your tablet.


Lync Online

Lync Online allows you to conduct web conference meetings in HD video and audio. It also comes with some other tools, such as white boarding and polling. You can present a PowerPoint to your co-workers and then send notes on the meeting through Lync with OneNote. Lync Online keeps everyone in touch, wherever they may be.


Security and Support

With Microsoft’s enterprise-level data centers, you’ll see a 99.99% uptime while built-in security features monitor, anticipate, and migrate threats to your data. You’ll also have 24/7 technical support.

Service health reports give you stats on performance, usage, and the amount of malware and spam sent or received. The array of security tools will have you knowing everything that’s going on with your account, files, and applications.

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