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Using Office 365 on iOS 9

Posted September 29th, 2015

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Microsoft has released a number of new features for Office 365 that work on Apple’s beefed up iOS 9. With a list of updates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Translator, people are sure to be pleased with the greater efficiency and processing power they’ll get from working on the new operating system.


Multitasking on iPad

The two biggest features to come out with the new iOS are Slide Over and Split View. These features will help you get tasks done faster by allowing you to switch between Office apps at lightning speed.


Slide Over

Slide Over with Office

Image provided by Microsoft Office Team

With Slide Over, you can open a second app without having to leave the one you’re already in. Use the notes you jotted down in OneNote to help you create a presentation in PowerPoint. You can also use it to have your talking points pulled up while the audience sees only your slides on the big screen.

To use Slide Over, simply drag your finger from the edge of the iPad to the center and peek at a second application. You’ll be able to scroll through the app as well as switch to a different one while in Slide Over mode.


Split View

Split View with Office

Image provided by Microsoft Office Team

With Split View, you can have two apps open and active at the same time. This allows you to multitask with ease. For instance, you can pull numbers from an Excel spreadsheet and insert them into a proposal document on Word.

You can also open files sent to you in Outlook, and they will appear right next to your email, ready to be read and edited. After you’re finished, you can hit the back button in Word and the document will be attached to a new email message in Outlook, ready to be sent.

To activate Split View, go into Slide Over mode and simply tap the application you were in previously. Doing so will keep both apps up and active simultaneously. You can even move both apps as the same time. You can also adjust the portion of the screen each app takes up (75/25 or 50/50).

Below is a video demoing these two incredible features.



Inking with Office

Image provided by Microsoft Office Team

Inking allows you to mark up documents with Apple Pencil just like you would with a regular pen and paper. Simply choose your utensil, ink thickness, and color, then start writing. Having the ability to draw notes your Word and other documents makes the collaboration process faster and more intuitive.


Intelligent Search

Searches done on your iPad and iPhone will now include OneNote notes and Outlook email messages.


Office 365 on Apple Watch

Apple Watch notifications

Image provided by Microsoft Office Team

The Complications feature on the Apple Watch can now work with data from other apps. Appointments that you have set up in Outlook will appear on your watches face as well as incoming emails. With Time Travel, you can turn the Digital Crown of the watch to check your Outlook calendar for upcoming appointments.

You can also use Translator on the watch to show common words and phrases based on your location and time of day, making it easier to communicate while traveling.


Wireless Keyboard Support

Hook up a wireless keyboard to your iPad and get to work. Using a keyboard makes it easier to use Command shortcuts and get things done faster.

Office 365 looks better and is more efficient on iOS 9. Any businessperson should be pleased with the new capabilities it has to offer.

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